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About King Outdoor Materials

Stylish Outdoor Living

Outdoor living and entertaining is something everyone loves! Create comfortable living spaces that are used throughout the year, for dining, hosting friends and family or simply relaxing with King Living’s range of Outdoor Furniture and accessories.

Outdoor Materials Swatches

Outdoor Materials Swatches

  • WeatherWeave™

    WeatherWeave™ is a 2 strand weave that has been carefully hand-woven, producing a superior high-density quality. WeatherWeave™ is specially designed to keep its finish longer than standard rattans and wicker and adds a classic feature to the King Outdoor Furniture range.

    • WeatherWeave Driftwood
    • WeatherWeave Lava
    • WeatherWeave Terra
  • WeatherWeave Deluxe™

    WeatherWeave Deluxe™ is a 3 strand weave that has been carefully hand-woven producing a superior high-density quality. WeatherWeave Deluxe™ is specially designed to keep its finish longer than standard rattans and wicker and adds a classic feature to the Jasper Outdoor Sofa. Please note: This material is only available on the Jasper Outdoor.

    • WeatherWeave Deluxe Driftwood
    • WeatherWeave Deluxe Lava
    • WeatherWeave Deluxe Terra
  • Maldives

    King Outdoor’s Maldives Fabric is 100% Solution Dyed (Sunbrella®) Acrylic and has a “cotton” canvas like construction. Sunbrella® is a high-performance fabric famous for its easy day-to-day maintenance and high-UV resistance.

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  • Malibu

    King Outdoor’s Malibu Fabric is 100% Solution Dyed (Sunbrella®) Acrylic and is made up of a twisted yarn in two colours used both in the warp and the weft. This gives the textile a look of a natural fibre fabric, like a finely woven linen.

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  • KingRope

    King Living’s new KingRope material, has been introduced as part of the Summer 2018 range and is used across the Delta Outdoor III, Calypso and Quay chair collection. The use of the same weaving style unifies these outdoor products, with a rhythmic intertwining pattern that is contemporary and understated yet tactile to the touch.

Outdoor Materials Care Guide
To keep your King Outdoor Furniture looking at its best we recommend:

• Removing surface dirt and dust with a soft brush or vacuum attachment

• Dampening the fabric with a light spray of water

• Cleaning with King-Care® Fabric Cleaner or a gentle solution of mild soap and warm water (max 40°C); Gently brush the solution into the fabric and leave for 2 – 3 minutes, rinse with clean water then wipe over with a soft dye-free cloth or towel and allow to air dry.

• Applying the KingGuard® spray-on protection immediately after cleaning. King Living recommends applying KingGuard® spray-on protection at least once every season to maintain the weather resistant properties.

If you need to treat soiling

Attend to significant marks and stains while they are fresh using King-Care® Fabric Cleaner. Do not use detergents, harsh chemicals or general cleaning products on your King Outdoor furniture. Avoid using abrasive cloths, brushes and cleaners. Keep chemicals such as chlorine and acids away from your King Outdoor. Please do not use a power washers (pressure hoses) to clean or rinse your King Outdoor furniture.

Click here for more information on How To Care or visit your nearest Showroom to arrange professional cleaning services.

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