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Something Worth Keeping


Celebrating 20 years of the Jasper Sofa

Crafted for flexible living, the Jasper Sofa embodies everything coming home to King Living truly means.

A backdrop to family moments all around the world, the award-winning design has adapted with the rhythms of life, cementing its status as a timeless design that lasts generations.

Jasper is #SomethingWorthKeeping.

Watch Founder David King share the Jasper story.




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Journey of design excellence

True to the King Living brand ethos of continual improvement, Jasper has evolved through the ages with new technology and design innovations to achieve new heights of luxury and function.

“We're not satisfied just to make a design and move on. The Jasper's we're making today are the best we've ever made, and they are the result of our philosophy of evolving designs and improving.” - David King, Founder


Discover how Australia’s most-loved sofa has transformed over the years.

Endless possibilities

Embracing our authentic Australian lifestyle, the ability to effortlessly reconfigure into different settings, move the chaise from left to right and even create a guest bed made Jasper legendary from the beginning.

Unmatched comfort

Inside Jasper is a network of engineered comfort. The steel frame foundation, Postureflex® Seating System, feather overlay cushions, and choice of high-resilience memory foam or feather seats combine to deliver lasting comfort.

Unsurpassed luxury

Over the years, Jasper has been built to create a truly customised experience. The ability to connect wireless charge tables, reading lights, speakers, side tables, bookshelves, and a media library, ensures every lifestyle requirement is met.

Explore the Jasper Collection

Jasper's innovative design elements have been reimagined for sleep and the outdoors with the introduction of the Jasper Bed and Jasper Outdoor.

Every piece in the Jasper Collection is designed to last generations and features removable covers that can be replaced and refreshed, reducing both landfill and carbon emissions.