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Do you know what your sofa is made of?

09 Jan 2020 |  Design

Know the King Difference

What is the frame made of?

Ordinary sofas have wooden frames, staples, dowels and glue that becomes unstuck, warp and creak over time. King Living sofas feature an engineered steel frame – to provide the ultimate in durability and support backed by a 25-year steel frame warranty. It’s the steel frame that also gives King Living sofas their renowned flexibility.


While many sofas may appear to look similar, looks can be deceiving. It's what goes on behind the scenes that truly creates a difference in quality and longevity.   


Know the King Difference


Will the sofa provide long lasting personal comfort?

Ordinary sofas have elastic webbing and metal springs that lose their stretch, tend to sag and become uncomfortable over time. King Living’s Postureflex® Seating System, similar to that used in luxury cars, combined with the luxurious KingCell® spring cushioning, retains the sofas shape and provides you with exceptional support and long-lasting personal comfort for life.



Our reputation is built on steel. 

Pioneering Innovative Australian Furniture Design. Engineered for comfort and support. 

  • Engineered steel frame with 25-year warranty for ultimate support and comfort 
  • Designed and manufactured by King Living for exceptional quality 
  • PostureFlex® Seating System for support and long-lasting personal comfort

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