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Take a Seat with Amber Peebles

18 Oct 2018 |  Inspiration

We caught up with Auckland based media personality, Amber Peebles to find out about her signature style, top styling tips and the inspiration behind The Room Project by Amber Peebles.

How would you describe the design look and feel you’ve created?

I would like to think of it is crisp and clean with a warm and inviting vibe. Something that says to my husband, relax and get cosy but don’t eat noodles on me. Do you think it will work?

Describe your signature style and how you incorporate this into your home interior?

My style is influenced by classic feminine form but always with a masculine edge. I think it’s important to mix the structured with the slouchy, hard edges next to soft fabrics.

Do you think fashion trends influence interiors?

Fashion changes so fast, whether it’s seasonal trends or your personal mood. The beauty of fashion is you can express yourself differently every day if you so choose. Interiors are much slower, it’s not a top that you can just switch out, however I do believe there’s a ripple effect and when a trend hits the right mark it starts to weave its way in across the board.

What are the top fashion trends for spring/summer and how can these be incorporated into the home?

Fearless colour pops, straw statement hats, waist bags (formally known as fanny packs), fringing, flower prints, of course, white on white is still around and there seems to be a real wave of support for emerging designers. Pull this into your home life by playing with cushions, vases, throws and art. Small pieces that can be moved around and help freshen up a space. A bright throw, an earthy vase, anything 90’s inspired, cushions with tassels and texture, a colourful stack of coffee table books and talking pieces that help support local talent are always interesting.

How would you describe your interior ‘style’?

I’d like to say modern retro with a few quirks and surprises along the way.

What is your favourite King Living design and why?

I was so excited by the modular aspect of the Jasper, ALL the pieces are moveable. The wooden side arms are interchangeable and collapsible meaning you have options upon options to play with. Also having mini side tables attached to your sofa is incredibly useful, you know, when you’re all cuddled up, in the perfect warm and comfortable spot but… you need to reach the remote or your drink. I know, SUCH an inconvenience isn’t it. Plus, I love that the added shelving is a bit of unexpected flavour. I’ve lived with it for a few months now, and it’s the best sofa I’ve ever owned hands down. I also fell in love with the Cassia day bed, you would be seriously surprised at how comfy it is, plus the daybed effortlessly doubles as a coffee table! Such a beauty.

What is your 'must have' interior styling accessory?

Just the one!? Hmmm, I think coffee table books. They break up the space while offering some entertainment. If you are styling an ottoman or daybed as a coffee table, a large book will also help as a stabilising base for candles or trinkets.

What’s your top styling tip?

Quality over quantity and know when to save and when to spend. There are pieces you can shop around vintage stores and online for, to make sure you are getting a reasonable price but it’s important to spend on quality products that will last the test of time.

What three pieces does every woman need in their work wardrobe?

A well cut, blazer (think about your body shape and what style works for you), A warm camel trench (these seriously go with almost everything) and a tailored pant.



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