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At home with Shelley Ferguson – Indoor Living

24 Jan 2020 |  Design

At home with Shelley Ferguson – Living Room

As the host of the hugely celebrated show The Block, Shelley Ferguson recently opened the doors to her home with King Living.

Well considered interior design for any living space can have a powerful influence in the way we live. This was one of the reasons why Shelley fell into this industry – to discover ways she can enhance and improve the quality of life for everyone.

With more Kiwis now moving away from the quarter acre dream where the idea that bigger is better, many are now opting for spaces that are more curated and intimately aligned with their individual lifestyles – a sentiment that Shelley identifies with passionately. As a mother of two thriving young boys, Shelley wanted the modular design and durability of King to suit her family’s lifestyle.


At home with Shelley Ferguson – Living Room

The foundation of Shelley’s expansive living room sits the Plaza Sofa, a luxurious and flexible piece that is great for any form of entertaining like family movie nights or transformed into a queen size bed when guests are over. By incorporating a more muted and softer palette to the space, Shelley is then able to introduce florals and paintings as decorative pieces to brighten up the room.

At home with Shelley Ferguson – Living Room

The varying sizes of the Apero side table and coffee table is a great way to add multiple functionalities to the space from displaying large floral arrangements to a personal stand for your drinks whilst seated on the sofa. The circular shape also adds an organic feel to the room against the dominance of angular lines like the overhanging painting and display shelf.

At home with Shelley Ferguson – Living Room

Designed by the renowned designer, Charles Wilson, the Seymour Chair is generous and inviting, and is a stunning statement piece for her living room. Not only does it bring elegance and luxury to the space, Shelley had chosen a fabric that is perfect for the lifestyle that entails with having two young boys.

Shelley has also paired her living room with beautiful yet understated Crescent Ottoman to complement the rest of the furniture. Not only does it provide a visual interest to the room, the ottoman is a living room staple that can be used as a coffee table for drinks or a decorative footrest for the sofa.


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