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How to style your home for winter

12 Jun 2020 |  Inspiration

How to style your home for winter

With plummeting temperatures and blustery winds, winter is truly upon us. Now is the perfect time to introduce lavish textures and warmer tones to create a home that is ready for the season of hibernation and a time to recharge and rejuvenate.

Being in lockdown has prompted many of us to reassess our homes and the way we live. Through the uncertainty, reorganising and cleaning our home can be therapeutic, and the change in season encourages you to turn your space into a cosy sanctuary offering refuge from the outside world.

Read on to discover the best styling tips to turn your home into the perfect winter sanctuary.

1. Living Room

How to style your home for winter

Natural Elements

Introducing natural elements such as timber and marble is a great way to create a sense of calm and comfort in your space. Natural timbers like King Living’s American Walnut and Smoked Oak are timeless additions that bring a warm rich beauty.

How to style your home for winter

Carrara marble is the epitome of luxury. Introducing a marble coffee table such as the Mars Coffee Table, delivers an enriching experience and subtle warmth to your space.

Textures and Textiles

This season is also a great time to reupholster some of the key pieces with new fabrics or leathers that you have been contemplating for a while. King Living sofas feature removable covers that are individually tailored and can be completely removed and professionally replaced to create a fresh new look.

Selecting softer pastels and white fabrics with warm undertones will provide the added warmth to the aesthetic of your space. They’re also trans-seasonal and the perfect investment for your home. The Olsen Natural fabric featured on the Concerto sofa is one of many fabrics that work seamlessly all year round and its subtle flecks of linen that courses through further add to the natural charm of the fabric.

2. Bedroom

How to style your home for winter

The first place we look to transform in winter is usually the bedroom. Don’t be afraid to experiment with textures on cushions like velvet from King Living’s Preston Velvet collection and rich accent colours like the Amber to complement the changing moods of the season. Finalise the overall look of your bedding by creating an alluring combination with the addition of a luxurious cashmere or woollen throw. 

How to style your home for winter

3. Dining Room

How to style your home for winter

Winter is the most beautiful time of year to be entertaining indoors. Create a vibrant and intimate setting with aromatics and table vignettes that will entice your guests to gather around. The Issho Dining Table has been crafted to deliver an unmistakable presence and an enriching experience where it can comfortably fit eight. The Baxter Natural fabric on the featured Aspen Dining Chair is the perfect fabric to lounge on for hours. Made from a relaxed chenille fabric with an extremely soft hand, the contemporary palette exudes a modern feel due to the contrasting colours used in the warp.

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