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Introducing the Serenade Storage Bed

05 August 2015 - Design

Are you constantly searching for new ways to maximise space in your home?  Our in-house design team is always developing beautiful furniture concepts with flexible features to make the most of living areas.  Now, our attention has turned to the bedroom with the sumptuous new Serenade Storage Bed

Built on an engineered steel frame that provides maximum support and comfort, the Serenade Storage Bed is a clever storage solution to help reclaim wardrobe space for clothes and shoes, while still keeping the bedroom uncluttered and tranquil. Built-in wardrobes shouldn’t have to double as a linen press or storage area for bulky seasonal items.   

The bed’s timber veneer base beautifully encloses an easily accessible and generous storage compartment, perfect for storing blankets, pillows, winter coats and shoes. A selection of timber finishes are available including popular dark, rich tones. 

Without compromising on elegance and quality, the simple modern lines of the Serenade Storage Bed integrate innovation in a distinctly unique style that suits you lifestyle. In a choice of King or Queen, it’s a practical addition to any bedroom. 

Personal touches including an upholstered bedhead of soft, tactile fabric or luxurious leather, accented with metal or timber details, can be customised to enhance your home’s individual style. 

The Serenade Storage Bed lifts easily and closes softly to minimise wear and enhance the design’s longevity.

Drift into a deep, relaxing sleep with the Serenade Storage Bed, and keep the clutter out of sight. Visit the Auckland Showroom today for more information. 

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